Matthew N ~ happy groom

My wife and I eloped out of state and then threw a party for all our friends back in our hometown. We did it on the cheap: no party planner, food and booze dropped off by a local restaurant, a friend behind the turntables, etc. We completely underestimated how much work would need to be done at the venue before our guests arrived, and when that hour came around, I felt myself getting all panicked and dizzy. How could it all possibly come together?

Enter April Taylor, a dear friend who arrived early and immediately started demonstrating her knack for this sort of thing. At April's direction, tables were moved into place and dressed. Food and beverages were attractively arrayed. Cardboard boxes were converted into trash/recycle/compost stations the venue lacked. Lighting was adjusted. April thought of everything, right down to the handwritten sign alerting vegetarians that the chocolate truffles contained bacon. Everything looked fantastic -- like it had all been carefully planned, rather than tossed together in the final hour. If April can work this kind of magic at a party she merely *attends*, I can only imagine the wonders she'd work if she were involved in the planning from square one and charged with making everything perfect. She's got the sort of attention to detail you want from someone you entrust to craft a unique and unforgettable event, and she clearly loves doing just that.