Personalized Ritual


Personal Ritual is a one-on-one personalized healing dynamic delivered by a skilled, caring and powerful healing professional.

Whatever you are facing in life, April is a gifted Priestess who will work with you to create a shared ceremony to move energy, release, let go, or honor your path.

Sessions can be online or in person. Contact April to discuss services and rates.

Performance & Ceremony

April Taylor Festivals

April brings the elements of beauty, skill and dedication to the performance and west coast festival scene. She is a principle company member of Bad Unkl Sista, a ritual theater Butoh based company as well as a veteran Burning Man participant and performer.

As an ordained officiant through the Universal Life Church and an initiated priestess in the Reclaiming Tradition, April loves to co-create public celebrations to honor rites of passage: weddings, memorials, blessingsways, and baby blessings. Contact her for services and rates.

April is an amazing ritualist and ceremony leader, who has done several powerful and galvanizing opening ceremonies at Radiance. She is able to seem both spiritually connected and down to earth, and channels power and compassion in a way that really speaks those in attendance. I have worked with April on numerous projects for many years, and give her my high recommendation as a capable and consequent event planner.
Dan D. ~ Radiance Community