Teaching: Dance & Yoga

April C. Taylor (the Creative Director behind Enchanted Acts) is a skilled and gifted teacher for children, teens and adults. Currently classes are held weekly in Berkeley, at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, and in Alameda, at Rhythmix Cultural Works in the Bay Area of CA.

See the Dance With Me for more details.


Performance & Sacred Ceremony

When you are seeking someone to officiate a special day in you or your families life consider bringing in April. She is an ordained and initiated priestess through the Universal Life Church and the Reclaiming Tradition. She is a gifted listener and creative force who will create a wedding, blessingway, baby shower, or other sacred ceremony that will suit everyone.

Events & Publicity

Every event deserves magik! Enchanted Acts is the company that brings it! Are you a dance company or healing based small business that needs support getting your message out?

Social Media Maven with a Heart!

I'm April C. Taylor. I teach, I dance, and I make stuff happen.

Movement, breath and flow are three things that inspire me. A Bay Area transplant from Los Angeles graduated from Mills College with a BA in Women's Studies and Dance. A performing and ritual artist, as well as a trained actor/singer/dancer, I have been performing my entire life and working in a variety of artistic areas.

My passion for the expressive arts and education have led me to teach children and adults for the past twelve years at Bay Area schools and studios. The focus of my teaching is Dance For All, a program I am developing that emphasizes awareness, acceptance, and expression for all bodies and all ages.

A graduate of CIIS's Sound, Voice and Music Healing Certification program, I add the magik of sound to my love of teaching.

A life-long yoga practitioner, I recently completed my certification through “It’s Yoga, Kids” in San Francisco and have been teaching yoga classes to children and families in the Bay Area and West Coast festivals.

April C Taylor | Dancer | Teacher | MC Extraordinaire